Sunday, August 16, 2009

Australian Private Midwives Association

In the past month independent midwives across Australia have banded together under a new organisation, Australian Private Midwives Association, APMA. A management committee and office bearers have been elected, and email lists set up.

APMA "represents midwives in private practice. The association is focused on the safety of women, the ability of women to access quality midwifery care across Australia and the partnerships between women and midwives. APMA supports women’s choice in maternity options within a framework of quality and safety and believes in women being able to access midwives in all settings. APMA unites all midwives seeking to provide continuity of care for women. APMA strives to provide midwives in private practice with information relevant to their practice and advocacy in the political process."

APMA president and spokeswoman, Liz Wilkes from Toowoomba, made a compelling presentation to the Senate Inquiry on behalf of the organisation.

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