Friday, September 7, 2012

Journal: Spring time

The first case study for the course (worth 20% of the final mark) has been submitted, and although I have done some reading and a little work on the portfolio, I have also taken some time off.

Just as a midwife works in harmony with the seasons of life, the care of plants demands a similar submission to natural forces.  So thisafternoon I found myself drawn to my little collection of Bonsai trees.  Some of them needed work - trimming the roots and refreshing the potting mix.  The job needed to be done before the warm weather comes.  Some of the trees - the Japanese Maple and the nectarines - have put out beautiful tender new leaves.  Others, such as the Japanese Elm, have no shoots yet.

Japanese Maple, about 4 years old
I am a beginner with the art of Bonsai.  A few years ago I started with a couple of little trees from the garden shop on Springvale Road, where there is an amazing collection of Bonsai trees, and some seedlings from stone fruit that had grown up in our garden.

I have become very attached to my collection: the little trees that grow and look happy as long as I keep their tiny patch of soil damp.  In summer, they require watering twice a day.  This winter I have watered them a couple of times a week, and there has been plenty of rain as well.

I am able to practice patience as I quietly observe the changes over time.  It's a valuable midwifery skill.

The same little Japanese Maple, a year ago

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