Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learning Medicare

My mind has been challenged recently as I have attempted to learn the technology associated with Medicare rebates.

I decided that a portable EFTPOS machine would be the best means of processing bulk billing and client rebates through Medicare.  This process requires a lot of technical support - well beyond my skill. The bank sent the machine, and set it up for me. 

The next step was for Kirsty, a lovely lady who works for Medicare, to enter my provider number, and the item numbers for my work.  Kirsty worked through it with me, and I watched her process one claim, then did one myself.  Those payments have now shown up on the bank account statement.

Yesterday I took the machine to a postnatal visit, and attempted to process the bulk bill payment on the spot.  It didn't work.  I obtained a signed authorisation from the client, determined to work it out.

Today I opened the manual, followed multiple instruction steps, and identified the point at which I had been stumped.  I was able to complete the transaction.  YAY!

Medicare has offered me the immediate opportunity to do more postnatal work for my clients.  This is great.  I am thankful.

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