Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First MOTHERBABY group gathering for 2011

We sat around the table thismorning with cups of tea and glasses of water and listened to each other. What a delight it is to welcome a new baby into our world, and today we welcomed three into our little group. Arwen, Matthew, and Scarlett are pictured here with their mothers.

There is no 'agenda' in this sort of support group. We simply spend time together. With six mothers, three new babies, three toddlers, a midwifery student, and a midwife; with some good food on the table - a zucchini slice made by Kate the student, and some sandwiches made by one of the mothers, and some watermelon and other fruit, we were very comfortable. I sat back and did some crochet.

I am always interested and like to reflect on the issues that are raised by mothers. We hear about the good stuff: a wonderful spontaneous birth; overcoming a breastfeeding problem; learning how to sleep with a baby in the bed and a toddler in the cot next to the bed. We don't avoid the complications: a postnatal haemorrhage at home, and transfer to hospital; concerns about the over-reliance on drugs in labour; and concerns about births that have gone dreadfully wrong. We struggle together with questions about returning to work, or managing on one wage while the baby is young. We consider how women in the developing world cope with the urine and faeces of their babies, and compare that with our use of disposable nappies. I don't think we come up with many answers.

But that's OK.

In fact it's good.

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