Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What we don't know yet

The big changes facing midwives who provide private midwifery services and attend homebirths will be implemented from 1 July - only two and a half months away!
Most professional planning, particularly in the field of primary maternity care, is done many months before the date.  We know that we will be required to have professional indemnity insurance that covers everything we do professionally, excluding homebirth.
What we don't know yet includes:

  • Who will provide the indemnity insurance?

  • What that insurance will cost?

  • What 'excluding homebirth' means, precisely.  When does homebirth begin and end, for the purposes of this insurance?

  • What will we be required to do to access the exclusion for homebirth? 

    We have been informed that the Quality and Safety Framework [see the MiPP blog], for which national consultations with stakeholders have been held, will be released next Monday 19 April.

    As I have written previously on this blog, I am confident that private midwifery practice will continue past 1 July. We expect to be able to buy private indemnity insurance products that 'cover' all aspects of our practices, except homebirth, and to meet the other requirements that are yet to be finalised.

    As far as I know, insurance brokers who are looking into providing this special insurance product for midwives' private practices have not yet put any offers on the table publicly. The Australian College of Midwives has informed members that it has a product which will be available for a fee in addition to membership fees. The Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) has informed members that it is also negotiating a product suitable for members who are independent midwives.

    Midwifery group practices or business (such as the business linked to this blog, Aitex Private Midwifery Services) which employ midwives for private services will also need to access professional indemnity insurance to cover the services provided by their employees.
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